Sell Your Car

You may wonder why you’re seeing a Kelley Blue Book webpage. It’s because we utilize Kelley Blue Book’s Instant Cash Offer tool to help determine the price of your car. We feel it’s imperative we provide a new and easy way to trade-in or sell your car, allowing you to control the process!

How does Kelley Blue Book determine the price for my car?

Offers are powered by AutoTrader’s “Desirability Index,” which considers factors such as supply and demand, regional differences, local market influences, vehicle conditions and equipment. Kelley Automotive has no input or influence into the offer generated by AutoTrader’s Trade-In Marketplace.

After you finish your appraisal, simply bring your vehicle, keys, and required documents (FAQ’s) to our Buy Center located within and we’ll take a look at your car in-person. If we think it’s worth more, we’ll provide you with a new offer on the spot!

Get started below!

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